Upcoming Events

Early Thanksgiving Dinner ( Harrisburg)

On Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 Turkish Cultural Center of Pennsylvania (TCCPENN) celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at its Harrisburg office. Members and many guests of TCCPENN came together to enjoy a dinner with traditional American and Turkish food. The event turned out to have an attendance of 70-80 people. The crowd had people from different walks of life where one could notice: academicians, city officials, businesspeople, teachers, doctors, clergy, etc.

The event started with sharing thanks before the meal according to both American and Turkish traditions. The wide range of food and desserts amazed all the attendees, and obviously turkey was present and cooked according to the occasion. The guests enjoyed the dinner with amazing State Capitol views across the street. Towards the end of the event, door prizes were distributed. The event continued longer than it was planned as many guests enjoyed the atmosphere and dialogue. It was agreed that such events should become more common.

The event was organized according to the vision of TCCPENN tobuild, increase and foster a strong and lasting friendship by promoting a better understanding that is based on mutual respect between the individuals of the United States of America and those of Turkish background and/or origin.