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Intercultural Trip to Turkiye in April 2007

Red Rose Foundation completed its 2nd Intercultural Trip to Turkiye, between April 19th and 30th of 2007. Total of 9 people from Central Pennsylvania had a chance to visit Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir provinces of Turkiye. Visitors from America were warmly welcomed by their hosts at the three cities. Participants of the trip enjoyed rich cultural treasures of Turkiye that cultivated many civilizations.

 Max Films will provide a documentary film about the intercultural experiences during the trip. During the day our team visited historical, cultural and educational places and also participated in the International Children’s Day celebrations on April 23rd and in the evenings met their hosts and sponsors for a dinner and had very exciting dialogues and exchanges. HomePlace

Structures donated a play set to The Lemanana primary school near Istanbul and the team also visited the school for the grand opening of the Playset during the trip. Kimse Yok mu Aid and Solidarity Association based in Istanbul helped to organize grand opening of the playset. Everyone in the group articulated their pleasant surprise with what they saw in Turkey in terms of hospitality and generosity.

As Red Rose Foundation we believe that the true dialogue and intercultural exchange is being accomplished with these sort of trips more than commercial tourism where guest and host have inevitably the customer-consumer relationship. We will continue to organize these trips towards an effort to share cultural richness of the world with the community we serve.