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Intercultural Trip to Turkiye in July 2006

Foundation completed its 1st Intercultural Trip to Turkiye, between July 1st and 8th of 2006. Twelve people from in and around Central Pennsylvania had a chance to visit four cities of Turkiye, Istanbul, Urfa, Konya, and Izmir. Visitors from America, Professors, clergy, social workers, students, teachers, were warmly welcomed by their hosts at each of the four cities.

During the day the group saw historical, cultural and educational sites and in the evening met their hosts over a dinner and had very interesting dialogues and exchanges. In many instances these meeting were the first for the Turkish hosts and their American friends.

Everyone in the group expressed their pleasant surprise with the picture they have seen and confessed that the true dialogue and intercultural exchange is being accomplished with these sort of trips more than commercial tourism where guest and host have unavoidably the customer-consumer relationship.

Trip Schedule

1st day of the trip

Red Rose Foundation Intercultural trip group arrived in Istanbul at noon and met sponsors of the Turkiye trip during lunch. Visited Hagia Sophia Blue Mosque and Hippodromme at the first

2nd day of the trip

Morning flight to Gaziantep then bus trip to Urfa. Along the way, breakfast at Nizip (district to Gaziantep province) sponsors. In Urfa, Red Rose group have visited ruins of Harran University, a three thousand year old university. Also, visited Prophet Abraham Mosque and Historical Urfa Houses. The group flew to Ankara at evening and made a bus trip to Konya at night

3rd day of the trip

In Konya, Red Rose group visited Rumi’s tomb and museum, met sponsors at late lunch. The group made a bus trip to Ankara at evening and Flew to Izmir.

4th day of the trip

In the morning Red Rose group visited Selcuk where House of Virgin Mary located and Ephesus, met sponsors over a dinner and exchanged ideas about inter-cultural dialogue.

5th day of the trip

Red Rose group flew back to Istanbul in the morning. Visited MinyaTurk, where small-scale models of important historical and modern buildings are presented in an open air. Also, visited Suleiman Mosque and walked along Istanbul Bosporus. Then, Red Rose group had dinner at Ziya Sark Sofrasi restaurant where delicious examples of Turkish cuisine were presented to our guests.

6th day of the trip

The group visited Topkapi Palace, had a Scenic Bosporus cruise, Dialogue and cultural exchange with sponsors after dinner at Fatih University.

7th day of the trip

Flight back to New York JFK Airport.