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The World in Conflict: Is Peace Possible?

On September 27th, Turkish Cultural Center​ co-sponsored the 2nd Annual Peace Symposium with the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg. This year, the conference was subtitled “The World in Conflict: Is Peace Possible?”.

The conference touched on some pressing issues happening in the world today. The panels were Peace Movements Under Siege: Religion, Politics and Persecution  Prospects for Peace in the World’s Hottest Spots — Tunisia’s Revolution: A Lesson in Peace?  and finally After Ferguson – Prospects for Peace at Home.

We heard from minority groups who are experiencing persecution because of their beliefs, and how they respond to the persecution. Experts talked about the World’s hottest spots for conflict, such as Syria, Libya, and Ukraine. We heard positive news coming out of Tunisia, since their revolution, and ways in which many different groups joined together to make a peaceful transition of power.

Perhaps the most compelling talk was about the situation in Ferguson. Lawmakers, Criminal Justice experts, and law enforcement leaders were able to give their perspectives on the tragedy that happened in Ferguson. There was an intense discussion with members of the audience, and an acknowledgement from all who attended about the need for dialogue and education between law enforcement and the community.

The well attended conference included Q&A sessions, and interesting talks from speakers like Ambassador John Craig, Susquehanna Public Safety Director Robert Martin, Dr. Zied Mhrisi, and Emre Celik, President of Rumi Forum in Washington D.C., and many others.

The conference was held at Central Penn College. ​